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BullGuard Review

March 2020 BullGuard Review & Deals

BullGuard software is a prime example of an antivirus product that goes that extra mile. Building on its excellent security record, it delivers some new advanced features that make the task of securing your home or small business network free of hassles. Whether it’s the super-friendly user interface, triple-layer malware protection, or heavy duty firewall, BullGuard antivirus rates high across all fronts, making it a top contender in the antivirus playing field.

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Features & Compatibility

  • Malware
  • Firewall
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS

Recommended For

  • Mutli Device Safety
  • Easy Setup
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Firewall Protection
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$23.96 /Yr
  • Windows Only
  • Antivirus
  • Safe browsing
  • Spamfilter
  • 24/7 Support
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Editor's Choice Best Value
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$29.98 /Yr
  • Includes all Antivirus features +
  • Supports Mac & Android
  • PC Tune Up
  • Vulnerability Scanner
  • Firewall
  • Parental Control
  • Encrypted cloud backup
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Premium Protection Visit Site
$39.98 /Yr
  • Includes all Internet Security features +
  • Social Media Protection
  • Identity protection
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BullGuard software is popular for its internet security products that are well-suited for everyday users, and this is evident in the mass adoption of the software worldwide. It’s an ideal solution for families, home users, small businesses, and in 2008, it became the first internet security provider to offer a security solution for online gamers.

BullGuard has enjoyed consistently positive reviews and quality awards and rankings, including the 2013 ‘Good Editor’ from PC Magazine’s Neil Rubenking, first place in the TopTen Reviews’ chart for ‘2013 Best Mobile Security Software Comparisons and Reviews’, as well as the Best Buy award from Which? in January 2012 and 2013.

Things We Like

Very friendly user interface. Many home users of antivirus software are not technically minded, so BullGuard software provides an ideal approach that combines total ease of use with maximum security.

Customizable functionality. For users who are more tech savvy, BullGuard allows you to adjust your settings to give the ideal security and protection for your needs.

Comprehensive multi-device protection. The Internet Security and Premium Protection editions of BullGuard antivirus cover all devices and all platforms, and the premium package covers smart home devices too.

Powerful extras. BullGuard offers superior extra features that round out the package and make it that much more sophisticated and useful. For example, the BullGuard Premium Protection and Internet Security packages have the Parental Control function, the Home Scanner is available via the Premium Protection package only, while the Game Booster function for gamers is available in all three core packages offered by BullGuard.

Money back guarantee. It's always good to know you can opt out, if your antivirus software is not right for you. Enjoy a BullGuard download with the convenience of a 30-day money back guarantee, for that extra peace of mind.

Things We Didn't Like

Some extras only come with the premium packages. If you have a smart home full of IoT gadgets, you'll need to go for the more expensive BullGuard Premium Protection package. What's more, the cheaper BullGuard Antivirus is compatible with PC only, so if you use multiple devices and platforms, you'll need to go for the Internet Security or Premium Protection packages.

No telephone support. For such a popular, wide-reaching product, the option to pick up the phone and speak to a customer rep would be a nice safety net, particularly for less tech-oriented users.

Setup and User Interface

Installing and setting up BullGuard software proved to be pleasantly simple and fast. For the average user, it’s a pretty straightforward process that takes only a few minutes. The BullGuard dashboard has a really simple and user-friendly interface. It displays the various security modules in separate boxes that are easy on the eye. You just need to click on the tabs or menu for each module to change your settings, run scans or check the system status. After initial BullGuard download, the antivirus functions are automatically set up to run. Once the initial installation is complete, you can explore the modules in more detail and create settings that meet your needs.

User interface is really simple, friendly and intuitive, making it one of the best features of BullGuard antivirus.

Detection and Removal Tools

BullGuard antivirus is much more than just virus protection. It gives broad-range security coverage against viruses, malware, including adware, spyware, and phishing, and identity theft protection. BullGuard’s anti-malware function is dubbed ‘triple-layer protection’. It recognizes those sites and applications it can trust, weeding out the risks from the start. It also continually scans code for signature and anomalies that may point to malware, and it removes malware by quarantining and neutralizing the malicious code before any damage is done. In addition, BullGuard employs advanced behavioral-based protection, which identifies abnormal system behaviors that may be an indication of new viruses or strains of existing viruses never seen before. This innovative approach certainly gives BullGuard software a ‘heads-up’ in terms of virus and malware detection.

BullGuard also comes with a customizable spam filter to detect and remove annoying, spammy emails, which is a definite plus. BullGuard software runs automatic scans which are highly customizable. This is a huge advantage – not only can you run automatic periodic scans to ensure your system is safe without having to remember to do it, but you can also tailor the scans significantly based on your needs, system use and schedule.

Solid reliable protection with some excellent advances in the latest software edition.

Additional Protection

In the latest edition of BullGuard software, there’s a new firewall that protects against viruses and malware even more comprehensively, yet at the same time uses less CPU power so it won’t slow your system performance. The new firewall offers some cool advanced features, such as Application Filtering, which protects your devices before, during and after the app downloading process. It’s fully optimized for Windows 10, giving an added layer of protection.

BullGuard antivirus protection doesn’t stop at the firewall. There’s a number of extra protection features that make BullGuard stand out. A few are only available with the more expensive Premium Protection package, but they are definitely worth exploring for users with broader online security needs.

  • Backup. Available with the Premium Protection and Internet Security packages, the backup feature keeps your data safe and up to date with a customizable backup procedure and data recovery options that give you total control.
  • Game Booster. A huge boon for avid gamers, the Game Booster feature optimizes CPU performance, blocks ad pop-ups and protects from security risks of gaming sites and software.
  • Vulnerability Scanner. A plug-in available with BullGuard’s Premium Protection and Internet Security packages, this feature regularly scans your operating system and makes sure its security updates are current and vulnerabilities in your system are given immediate attention.
  • Parental Control. Part of BullGuard’s Premium Protection and Internet Security packages, this is an important feature for families with vulnerable kids and teenagers. You can create profiles for different family members, block undesirable websites, and monitor and restrict internet activity via the report and alert functions.
  • Home Network Scanner. Excellent protection for your entire smart home system. Network scanning monitors all your connections, identifying new connections and keeping your home network secure. Real time scanning and reporting keeps you up to date with the status of your home system. As more and more people turn to home networks to help manage their daily routine, the Home Network Scanner is a visionary feature – available only with the BullGuard Premium Protection package.

Great extra features but you’ll need the more expensive BullGuard software packages to take advantage.

Customer Support

BullGuard offers 24/7 online chat and email support with response guaranteed within 24 hours. The customer representatives are indeed helpful and timely in their responses, making the service experience positive and effective. However BullGuard loses some points here for not providing telephone support.

Good customer service would be even better with a telephone support option.


Pricing for BullGuard download is fair with a range of packages and costs across the spectrum to meet various online security needs – and budgets.

  • BullGuard Premium Protection costs $39.98/ 1 year for multiple devices
  • BullGuard Internet Security costs $29.98/ 1 year for multiple devices
  • BullGuard Antivirus costs $23.96/ 1 year for one device only

It’s worth noting that if you choose a multi-device package, you will need to buy a license for each computer. BullGuard also offers shorter 6-month packages, which is nice for a buy-and-try period, or 2 or 3 year options for those ready to make a long term commitment.

Also take note that the software has an auto-renew function. If you prefer not to automatically renew your subscription at the end of the paid period, make sure to disable the auto renew function. Log in to your account and go to the Subscriptions section to manage your auto renew settings.

All BullGuard software products come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Bottom Line

When it comes to antivirus software, you want to make sure you have all your bases covered. You want solid protection against malware and viruses, advanced firewall protection, and software that is continuously being updated to keep you protected from the very latest risks. A user friendly interface is a huge plus, as is compatibility across all platforms and devices. For home users, certain extras such as parental controls and smart home protection are also a priority – and they may well be willing to pay more for the Premium Protection package that delivers these extra features. And of course, good customer support and a money back guarantee. BullGuard antivirus checks out on just about everything on the ‘must-have’ list, with its intuitive user interface the definite highlight. For all these reasons, BullGuard is a highly recommended antivirus software for home and small business users alike.

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