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Best Antivirus and Internet Security Software for PC 2018

Even the best-operating systems need protection and there’s no better way to protect yourself than by installing the best Antivirus for your PC.

Long gone are the days where “being careful” was enough to protect your computer from virus threats. Nowadays, simply logging onto the internet can put your computer at risk for infection. That’s why it is important that you install PC antivirus protection capable of defending against all modern threats.
  • Best PC Antivirus Software 2018
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Updated March 2020 Compatible with: apple iOS android Android windows Windows linux Linux

More than Just “Virus Protection”

If this were still 2001, downloading a program to stop viruses attached to files would be sufficient to protect your computer. That’s no longer the case. Computer and mobile devices face a wide variety of threats ranging from simple viruses to malware, spyware and even ransomware.

Also, anytime you go online you open yourself up for potential phishing attacks that can steal your data. That’s why most programs no provide protection against all of these threats.

McAfee, Norton and Kaspersky are some of the oldest programs that started as simple antivirus scanners and evolved into a full protection suite for PC and mobile devices. Other programs such as TotalAV and BullGuard have made a name for themselves for providing superior protection against malware and other related threats.

Backward Compatibility

It is important that antivirus software be compatible with a wide array of operating systems. Programs such as McAfee and the others mentioned in this article are backwards compatible all the way to Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Why? There are many users that have no need or desire to upgrade to Windows 10. Those of you looking for an antivirus for Windows 7 know the frustration of finding programs that only support Windows 8 and up.

Everyone Needs Virus Software

In the early days of the internet, many companies claimed that you needed antivirus software but the reality was that if you didn’t download files or open attachments, antivirus for PC was a waste of money.

That is no longer the case. If your computer connects to anything, whether a private network or the internet, then you need antivirus software.

The true number of threats out there presently is unknown and growing daily. And the worst part is that you can be infected sometimes and never know why. That’s why you need virus protection.

Furthermore, those of you that use Wi-Fi on a regular basis also need antivirus protection to prevent phishing and other intrusions on your devices.

Think of antivirus software like a seat belt for your car. You would never drive somewhere without buckling up right? The same goes for using a computer in the modern digital world. If you use a computer, you need virus software.