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Best Antivirus Against Spyware 2018

Hackers looking to steal personal data via spyware, is a real and concrete concern.

Spyware has been a computer threat since the 1980s, but has exploded as internet technology now allows hackers to come up with more efficient spyware tools. In the modern internet landscape, antivirus software with spyware removal is a critical component of protecting your online identity and keeping your family safe.
  • Best Spyware Protection Software 2018
  • Real Time Protection
  • Multi Device Compatiblity
Updated March 2020 Compatible with: apple iOS android Android windows Windows linux Linux

Your Computer May Be Spying on You

As the name implies, spyware is software that covertly collects information on you and your

internet activities. It can collect data in multiple ways. Some spyware uses cookies to track your activities, while others use keylogging programs that record everything you type or click.

Spyware then sends that recorded data back to the hacker that originally developed it, who may use it for various malicious purposes, including identity theft. In some cases, spyware will install programs such as rootkits that will give someone else complete access to your computer and files.

You WILL Be Infected at Some Point

It doesn’t matter how careful you are online, because at some point you will likely be infected by spyware. Ignoring attachments and refraining from downloading files from unknown sources are no longer adequate measures to prevent infection.

Today the act of simply visiting a website can infect your computer. Spyware can enter your

device via Javascript and HTML coding. Windows Defender has proven ineffective at spyware removal, especially zero-day threats. Also, by the time that most free anti-spyware programs

detect an infection, your data will most likely have already been stolen.