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Best Anti-Malware Software 2018

Protect against the kinds of viruses that hackers design to infect your computer.

Today, more and more people are stunned to find their devices suddenly infected by worms, trojan horses and ransomware, which are all forms of malware. If you don’t use antivirus to protect your device from malware, you run the risk of losing all your files, or worse, having your identity stolen.
  • Best Malware Protection Software 2018
  • Real Time Protection
  • Multi Device Compatiblity
Updated March 2020 Compatible with: apple iOS android Android windows Windows linux Linux

How Malware Can Impact You

The simplest forms of malware merely install annoying programs on your device that track your everyday activities. More advanced malware can actually shut down key functions of your computer, or even completely erase your hard drive.

There are also malware programs that can steal your personal information, which leads to identity theft. Imagine losing your tax return or having to file bankruptcy because of a malware infection. It happens, so you need to be prepared.

You Can Get Infected and Never Know It

Viruses were once relatively easy to avoid, but malware is an entirely different beast. In many cases, you can get infected and never know it. Many hackers attach malware to other, seemingly harmless software programs, infecting your computer as the software installs.

Malware can also take the form of malicious internet code or website scripts. Something as “harmless” as loading a photo in an email or clicking a link can infect your computer with malware.

There are even fake antimalware programs out there that will infect your computer. Ever come across a generic site that says you might be infected and they offer free antimalware or scanning? Chances are you’ll be infected by taking them up on the offer.

Defend Against Malware with Antivirus

As viruses have evolved into malware, antivirus programs have evolved to fight malware. The top antivirus programs also offer powerful malware removal that can save your device even after it’s been infected.

Antivirus is not only a malware cleaner, but also a proactive defense against new or zero-day infections. Since new malware programs are released daily, malware scans search for files

exhibiting suspicious behavior. If a file is found to be malware, a fix is created and sent to everyone using the program. This helps to reduce the global impact of new malware programs.

Don’t rely on Windows Defender or other free malware scanners, as they generally don’t protect against zero-day infections. The only way to adequately protect your computer from malware threats is with a top antivirus program.