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Best Antivirus Software 2018

Protect your computer and online identity with antivirus software.

On this site, you will find a review of the major antivirus programs on the market. Our reviews are conducted by knowledgeable computer experts and cover the key areas users should review when searching for antivirus protection. Check out below to find out how you can protect your computers, smartphones, and tablets in today’s digital age.
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How Does Antivirus Protect My Computer

Antivirus protects you computer in multiple ways. As has been the case for decades, it protects you computer from various viruses including worms, Trojan horses, and malicious local programs.

The internet upped everyone’s game, especially hackers. Now, most antivirus software has to include some type of internet security features in order to keep your computer protected.

Top antivirus programs protect against programs such as spyware and adware that can slow down your computer or even block certain programs from functioning. It also protects against rootkits that use your computer or network to propagate their programs.

Next, it is important that your antivirus provide some level or protection against browser hijacks, “ransomware” and phishing. “Ransomware” is like spyware except it locks down your computer or files and you have to pay a ransom to get your access back. Phishing occurs when sites or programs steal personal data and is a key component of identity theft.

Antivirus protects in two ways; it seeks out already existing infections and removes them. This is often referred to as quick heal antivirus. Second, it helps you from getting future infections.

Best Antivirus Software Overview


Total AV is a new antivirus provider that has become the go-to antivirus option for most people. Its beautiful user interface, combined with very low CPU usage and strong protection against malware and viruses make it perfect for the ordinary, non-expert user.

Norton’s security products, including Norton Antivirus Basic and Norton Security Standard, are industry leaders in anti-virus protection. They offer robust protection against malware, balancing smart features with ease of use.

Despite not being able to detect malware to the same high standard as many other antivirus programs that we’ve tested, McAfee antivirus provides a great protection service, certainly better than the Microsoft Windows Defender program. McAfee is best for those who don’t want a lag on their computer, and those who want a spam-free device.

Panda Antivirus Pro is a premium version of their popular free software. Experienced and trustworthy, it’s a great choice if you’re in need of online protection, with a range of useful features to keep you safe.

With mixed reviews found online, is ScanGuard worth your time? Here’s the lowdown on an antivirus provider that comes with a solid VPN and a range of additional features.

A strong antivirus solution will allow you to safely browse the web give you the ability to detect and destroy malware and spyware in real time. PC protect software is a great all-rounder, with no shortage of customizable features.